Friday, January 11, 2013

Bumpdate: 32.5 weeks

How Far Along: 32weeks and 4 days (1/11/2013)  8 MONTHS...someone pinch me.

Size of Baby M: Still feel like a house...a large mansion to be exact.  Buuuuut i suppose that's to be expected.  Baby M is head down, has been for a while now, and is def. running out of roon!!!  We'll get a sono in 4 weeks to know just what size of a baby we're dealing with here!  Baby M is the size of a squash...

Weight: I'm piling it on these days... up 13.5 pounds.  I'd really like to stay under hopefully we slow it down a bit!!

Exercise:  I am officially OVER the damn elliptical, i spent over 12 hours on the damn thing in the past week. I need something new to do.  I can do the bike for a while, (did about 2 hours total this past week and that was torture as well) but it's not the most comfortable.  Maybe i'll go swim (who are we kidding, i'm too lazy to do actually do that!)...  Anywho...i made it twice a day every day this past week except Friday (Trav talked me into being lazy after work!) and Sunday. 

Symptoms: I've decided it's the bowls of cereal before bed that cause the acid reflux.  Last night i had a small thing of yogurt about 40 minutes before bed and i was fine.  So no more cereal for me i guess.  Sorry Cheerios.  Let's see what back is STILL killing me.  The doctor today said it's probably because his heads in the canal, pushing on my pubic bones or something weird like that.  She showed me a picture similar to this one.  He's pushing shit out...and so therefor it hurts.  She looked at me, said i'm sorry to tell you this, but it's just going to get worse.  Gee thanks.
And he's now taken a liking to my ribs.  Little turd likes to stick his foot up in there and make me super uncomfortable.   He's still moving a TON at night.  Travis gets a kick out of feeling his little feet/hands/elbows run across my belly.  Pretty cool stuff.... 

Cravings:   I can't stop chewing gum this week.  I've literally gone thru 4 packs since Monday.  Sorry Mr. Dentist.  Still love oranges.  Oh and the candy Orange Slices....yes please!

Sleep:  Now that i think i've figured out what to do to NOT wake up vomiting stomach acid (no eating an hour before bed, stay sitting up, take 3 tums, and NO cereal!)  Sleep's been somewhat better.  I did wake up 3 times last night to pee.  That's fun.

Stretch Marks: Still nothing. But my lower Linea Nigra has made it's appearance.  (Dark line that runs from bottom of belly button down yonder)

Gender:  It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Just making sure you were still paying attention.  It's still a boy.  And as of today his name has changed yet again.  I'm sort of excited about this one....

Maternity Attire:  Still a good mixture.  Shirts are hard.  Pants are uncomfortable.  Good times.

Looking Forward To:  Heading out this afternoon to OKC!!!! I'm super duper excited to spend some time with Mel.  She has some super fun plans for always!! Tonight we have meet and greet passes to the Stoney Larue concert!!! He's red dirt country....and i think it shall be a great time!! I'm not sure if they get super preggo chicks backstage all the time, but they sure are tonight!!!  Tomorrow...oh tomorrow is jam packed! Shopping, KState basketball, yummy eating...and most importantly, we get to go see Sally and meet baby Easton!!!!!!!!! Oh i can't wait to get my hands on that little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It'll be a quick trip, but probably the last chance i'll have to travel down there.  Our weekend are full up till February (next weekend maternity pics, and baby shower in wichita.  Weekend after that we're headed to KC to spend some time with The KC McGuires, visit Jenna & Ryan, and hopefully see Meghan and Jade...well actually we're going up there because i have a work thing monday and tuesday, but that's not the fun part!) 

Oh the glider for the nursery will be here Monday.  I'm super pumped to have the last big piece of the nursery we can focus on the little details!!!

I'm also very much looking forward to picking up our new TV this weekend....the basement hasn't had much use since there isn't one down there....but with a new super big TV on the wall, i forsee us spending a lot of time down there!!!

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