Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31weeks and 3 days (1/3/2013)

Size of Baby M:  if going by how i feel....GINORMOUS.  Ugh i feel HUGE lately.  I swear there was a growth spurt....

All 5 senses of Baby M's are developed and working, and he's going through major brain and nerve development this week!
Weight: Up 12.3 total.  My doctor is going to be sooo proud of me :)

Exercise: Can we just talk about this for a second.  I'm experiencing something new this week on the exercise front....i have SERIOUS runner envy.  All i want to do is jump on the treadmill and run...even if for just a few minutes....even if it's only a half mile....i just want to run!!!!!  I spend my time on the elliptical, staring at the runners in front of me, cursing them in my head.  Stupid back.  I'm starting to wonder if it's not a pinched nerve, if maybe the baby is to blame.  Cause hurts. And it's not getting any better.  I've been to the chiropractor twice now (will go again tomorrow) and it's not helping.  I've been icing three times a day as instructed and it's not helping.  I've been praying to the lower left back God's.... I've tried EVERYTHING to make this better.  I refuse for this to be the end of my exercising :(  Maybe I'll try a vodoo doctor next.  BUT i digress.... I managed two workouts everyday this past week except for that's awesomely fun.  ALL that time on a damn elliptical...i am starting to loathe that machine.  I've biked a little, but this belly just gets in the way so i don't do it a whole heck of a lot.  There's a different elliptical that i do here and there to break up the boredom....i make it like a ass thanks me for it.  It lookey like this....
It's hard.  Try it.

Symptoms: Still a movin and a shakin.  It's all day now.  I love it.  Although it makes my belly look pretty odd at times.  I'm tired all the time that's no fun.  And i do believe acid reflux has started.  I actually woke myself up last night because i threw my mouth.  It was gross....and it burned.  I ran to the bathroom and just started coughing and heaving.  Travis sat up...looked at me...said stop it...and layed back down.  Thanks hun. 

Cravings: I could eat oranges all day long.  I think this has replaced my grape fetish.  Well that and the fact that grapes suck right now.  I also enjoy all other kinds of my belly and weight will show you! 

Sleep:  Throwing up in my mouth wakes me up.  So that's fun.  And if it doesn't happen, I'm up at least twice to pee anyways.  Or sometimes i wake up because my back is killing me and i have to readjust.  In case you haven't noticed i believe I've entered the "All I'm going to do is complain" phase of my pregnancy.  Aren't you excited?

Stretch Marks: Still nothing.  But at the rate this belly is growing, i won't be surprised if they appear soon!

Gender: He's a boy....still.

Maternity Attire: I'm over getting dressed.  I'm going to wear sweat pants to work and see if anyone says anything.  Maybe I'll just start crying and they'll leave me alone... should work.  I'm uncomfortable, large and hormonal, no on wants to argue with me :)

Looking Forward To:  A weekend of NOTHING.  We seriously have NO plans, no visitors, NOTHING.  I'll probably be bored all weekend :)  I need to take down all the Christmas decorations still...clean...put away baby gifts.... and sleep.  That's all I'm putting on my list....nothing else. 

Next weekend I'm going to meet this little guy....
Say hello to Easton!! Sally and Chris welcomed him into the world on the 1st, and i can NOT wait to get my hands on him!!!! Plus I'll get to chill with Mel for a bit as well!!!!
Baby Shower #1 was a a big shout out to my amazing sisters for pulling that off!!! We were spoiled by our amazing family and friends :)

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  1. I was in the same boat throwing up with acid reflux. The good new is, that after the baby arrives, no more nightly trips to the bathroom or acid issues. Can't wait to see you friend! Baby Easton wants his best buddy out already.