Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33weeks and 3 days (1/17/2013)  So close....yet sooooo far.

Size of Baby M: He's the size of a durian....what the heck is a durian??? Anyway...he could apparently grow up to a full inch this week...that's cray.  There's not an inch to spare in there i tell you!
Weight: No still right around 13.5 pounds. 

Exercise: Well even with traveling this past weekend I managed to get my workouts in!! I made it twice a day everyday except over the weekend, just once on those days....there was just too much Mel time to be spent :)  My back's not near as bad as it was.  It's actually a whole different kind of discomfort.  So i think whatever was pinched before is better, and now I'm just uncomfortable from him.  I may try running this week....just a little, see how it feels. (mel...did you catch that?)

Symptoms: If being larger then a house is a symptom, then i have that.  Several people have seen me lately (people that don't know me well) and said...Oh any day now huh?  I still have a while peeps...but thanks for making me feel super great about it!!! Turds.  Like i said above, back aches... a few random bouts of heartburn....and the Braxton Hicks have picked up a bit.  I should take a picture of my super creepy shaped belly and show's not pretty.  Thank God i wear shirts :)  Other then that...still TONS of movement.  I love it...but man sometimes it's super uncomfortable!!!

Cravings: Nothing really comes to mind.  I suppose I've requested homemade nachos more then usual this past week.... and my newest candy obsession is the flavored fish (not just the red Swedish fish, but the one with all the flavors).  So that's fun.  Oh and i tried the white chocolate Reese's last night....holy hell those are amazing.  Must stay away from those.

Sleep: Still waking up at least twice to pee.  I've been getting hot while sleeping as well...which is weird.  Rolling over is a whole production, poor trav gets woke up a lot with me huffing and puffing trying to situate myself.

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Still a little guy....and as of this week we're still on the second name.  We shall see!!!!!

Maternity Attire: I decided this morning that I'm going to wear a maternity shirt every to get use out of those babies!!!! Pants are frustrating to me still.... maternity one's don't fit right...look dumpy.  And my prepreggo one's fit every where but my belly....duh.  So i either look dumpy or am uncomfortable.  Bleh.

Looking Forward To:   Heading to Wichita this Friday for a fun little weekend!!! I'm hoping to talk Travis into taking me for sushi when we get in town....and Orange Leaf.  Oh it's been too long since I've had orange leaf!!!  Saturday we have maternity pictures with the super talented Amy Hall.  I actually met Amy a few years back when i was waitressing at Willie's in Manhattan!! He husband is an owner, and her two sisters (whom are super awesome as well!) worked with me!  She just took the leap and started her own photography business, and I'm super excited to be a part of it!!!!

Saturday afternoon I shall dine with my's only been about a month and a half since we were all together...but damn that's too long!!!! Savannah's all serious about her Nursing school....Jenna travels and works more then any one person should, and Mel's just busy being awesome after passing her tests.... so getting us all in one place at one time can be tricky!!! But it's happening this weekend....and I'm PUMPED!!!

After lunch, we shall all head to Mulvane for baby shower #2.  This one's a little different!! It's a couple's shower, and we're celebrating it with my brother-in-law and his wife Bridget! Their little one will be here February 18th!!!  The boys will all probably hang downstairs, drink beer and do man stuff while us ladies get to business talking babies, eating cake and enjoying each other's company!!! I can't wait.... so much to celebrate and be thankful for!!

I'm very very much looking forward to working on the nursery now that the glider is here and all ready to go.  Just need to rearrange...and do some final details!! Maybe I'll share some pics soon!!!

And just for fun...a little 13, 23, 33 comparison! (i refuse to have a 43 week to add to this...yuck!)

oh and because he's just too stinking cute to not include on here.....

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  1. Oh I caught it! Started laughing even before I saw your side comment. Ah, favorite memories!