Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Remember when.....

Everyone was doing those stupid 30 before 30 posts??  ( I think i did mine in November 2011).  Well i think since i just turned 29 (EEEK) a few weeks ago, we should see how that's working out for me.....
1. Start a family (dear lord PLEASE let this happen by 30!);  Good news...it's happening :)  As we all know Baby M will be here in 9-ish weeks!!! Maybe i'll be pregnant with #2 before i'm 30...that could be a new goal!!

2. Learn how to Sew (Debbie Doll please!); Well i wouldn't say i "learned" how to sew....but i did sew this year... just ask Mel.  She has the mustache pillow to prove it!!

3. Travel to Europe (again) with Travis; Ugh, i don't forsee this happening before i'm 30, maybe before i'm 33.  Trav and I have talked a lot about going back for our 5th year anniversary, and that's in 2 years...so we shall see.

4. Kentucky Derby...big hats holla!!;  Well, being that i'll have just birthed a child a couple of months prior, i'm not so sure this one's happening either....but my arm could be twisted!

5. Sky Dive; this one's really Travis' deal.  He's always wanted to....maybe i'll surprise him with a sky diving trip for his birthday...or for no reason.  I'm fun like that.

6. Bungee Jump;  If i don't die from sky diving, i could handle making this happen as well....
7. Get a Lab puppy;  You've all met Jordy no?? She's fo sho a lab puppy.....

8. Plant a fruit tree; we planted another tree...it was however, NOT a fruit tree.  We researched, and they just don't do so well here...damn heat.

9. Learn how to make cinnamon rolls (sarah doll!!);  I made them last Christmas...the one and only time i've done it...but damn it i did it!!!

10. Run a total of 4 1/2 marathons (one down, three to go!); Holy hell i don't think this will happen either.  I've already signed up for a 1/2 in September of next year.  So that will make 2.  I have considered signing up for the Spring Prairie Fire 1/2 in May, but that's only 8 weeks after my due date, and if i need the full 6 weeks to recover, that leaves me hardly any time to prepare..... we'll see.  I'd be ok with jogging/walking it....it would still count right?

11. Take Trav to Chicago; We were there over Thanksgiving!!!

12. Visit Ranaye in Cali; Was there in March!!!

13. Visit Meghan in Mexico; Sadly i did not accomplish this!! And they're moving back to Kansas, so I don't think this one will get done....maybe i'll just change it to visit Meg in KC!

14. Ride my bike to Cimarron and back; As soon as my lady parts are healed, and it's warm enough...i'm making that countyline road my biatch :)

15. Take up swimming regularly; Ugh. There's just something about having to change, get wet, dry off, shower, change again...that makes me really not want to go swim.  Some call it laziness :)

16. Finish our basement (starting next week!); It's done.  BOOM!

17. Attend a FULL season of KSU football; That happened.  And will happen again next year!!! HOLLA!!

18. Meet Bill Snyder (that.would.be.awesome); working on it....sometimes he comes for Catbacker stuff, so i'll stalk him then.

19. Make out with Bill Snyder....kidding.

19. (for real) Learn some spanish. I'm not committing to speaking it fluently, but at least understanding a bit!;  I'm all signed up for a spanish class at the community college....Boom.

20. Watch Savannah graduate from nursing school;  This will be when i'm 31....but it still counts.

21. Staying Debt free..(not counting mortgage); Remember when i said we finished the basement...yaaaaa, can't stay debt free with that! But hopefully we'll get that all taken care of ASAP!!!

22. Watch Mel get married.... hehe It COULD happen!; Well as of this morning...i'm not going to say it's impossible ;)

23. Run a FULL marathon...eek, can't believe i just said that;  Ok...i could do this.  It'll have to be in the fall...I mean I am having a baby in March, so i'll need a few months to recoup.  And i have that half in September....so after that. 

24. Go meatless for a FULL week! (don't tell my dad); I forgot about this one...shouldn't be too hard!

25. Eat dinner at the table...for a week (this will be impossible!); Does lunch count? Trav and I always eat lunch at the table, with no TV.  It's lovely.  Dinner....not so much!

26. Visit Jenna in KC (at LEAST once a year!); Was there in July...shall be there this month...so boom, once a year already done!!!

27. Attend church on the regular;  We're still in the process of finding a good fit.  Plus during football we're out of town A LOT on sundays so it's hard....but we're working on it!

28. Volunteer; Sadly i don't see this happening.  WIth a a new baby coming, and jobs, and football, and running....there's just never enough time!!!

29. Buy a Range Rover :) This should be on my 80 before 80 list, but hey a girl can dream right!; still on the 80's list :)

30. Find my calling. What i'm supposed to do with my life....a job that makes me happy!!; I am happy to report that I love my new job at the casino.  I don't see it being my permanent position...but only because I hope to move up in the HR department at some point.  But man do i like it a bijillion times better then my first job here in KS...yuck.

  Well, i'd say i'm somewhat on track to complete the majority of these.... at least I can cross some off already!!!! Goooooo me :)

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