Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bumpdate: 30 weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks and 3 days (12/26/2012)
Size of Baby M:
Weight: Up to a total of 10 pounds.  It'll go up, especially after this very indulgent week/weekend.... too many damn cookies/chocolates!!!

Exercise: Even with all the Holiday hoopla, I managed to get in 13 workouts.  I'll take it!! I think i pinched a nerve or my sciatic is starting to bother running hasn't happened since Monday night.  It's feeling better though, think i may try a short slow run tomorrow...we shall see.

Symptoms: Um does feeling HUGE count?  I feel ginormous these days.  My ankles have decided to swell up every now and then as well.   Actually i only notice it when i wear tall socks....maybe I'm allergic to tall socks :)  Little guy and MOVING! Holy heck, he gets after it these days!!! Still the most active at night, but all day off and on i get a swift elbow jab, or a butt roll.... he still LOVES to stick his butt up.  I hope he does this lots when he's here...nothing cuter then a sleeping baby with their butt in the air :)
Cravings:  nothing new to report here.  boring i know.

Sleep: we've upgraded to TWO pee breaks a night now.  Oh joy.  Other then that, I've been getting a little hot in the middle of the night as well...which is really weird for me, I'm ALWAYS cold. 

Stretch Marks: Still nothing.

Gender: He's a boy....still.

Maternity Attire: Same. Jeans still fit, a couple of work pants, and the rest are either maternity or held together with a button fixer deal. Tops are mostly maternity, or anything i previously owned that was long enough.
Looking Forward To:   My massage after work today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I need it!

Baby Shower #1 this weekend!!! I'm excited to see all my dear friends and family and celebrate baby M!!!

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