Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bumpdate: 28 weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks and 3 days (12/13/2012)

**sorry for the bad pic, ran out of time!!**

Size of Baby M: Baby M's the size of an eggplant!!! According to he's now gaining fat, filling out that wrinkley skin (chubby babies are the best!!)  And his lungs are developed enough that he'd survive if born now (no hurry little guy!!)

At our appointment this morning I soooo wanted her to do a sonogram and tell me how much he was weighing.... no luck.  But my belly's measuring in at a 29, so a little ahead!!!

Weight: -2.1.  Oops.  So now we're back at 7.1lbs total.  I promise i'm eating...all my meals and then some!!!! May need to start thinking about cutting back on excersice if it continues in this direction....but baby boy's growing just fine so that's the main concern.  He's just apparently hogging it all.

Exercise: 12 sessions (wed-wed) and lots of miles ran....this week was even higher then last week, maybe that's why I didnt gain any weight.  Running may be taking a back burner for a bit :(   But i've still be doing good with that's fun news.  I tried to do some abs yesterday.  Yeah....that's not easy, i need to google some proper ab excercise's apparently.

Symptoms: Still having several BH's a day, hell hourly really, but Doc didn't seem to worried about that, so i suppose i'm not either. Um what else.... heartburn here and there, nothing to complain much about though (probably only three times this past week).  Still only getting up once to use the little girls room.  And i'm not a memeber of the "outtie" club.  It's not cute. 

Cravings: Oranges.  Lots and lots of oranges.  Little oranges, big oranges, i do not care....just give me an orange :)  Wanna know something weird....i had NEVER had an orange until Thanksgiving in Chicago.  Failure at life right here.  I'm not really sure why...i think the whole you have to peel it (actually work for it) thing was a turn off.  That and I hate orange juice so i figured i'd hate oranges.  That's not the case.  I love them, I would marry them if i could.  (I actually googled "can you eat too many oranges" last night, that's how bad it's gotten!)

Sleep: Meh. Not the best, but nothing too bad.

Stretch Marks: Still nothing.  I read somewhere that sometimes you don't get them till after you deflate (i couldn't think of what else to call it!).  AKA, after the baby.  I'm hoping that's a lie.  But in the mean time i'll just keep lathering up the ol belly with lots and lots of lotion!!

Gender: Baby Boy!!!!  3D ultrasound confirmed that this weekend.  Either that, or there is a small turtle floating around in there with my kid....if you saw the picture you'd understand.

Maternity Attire: Jeans are still my old one's.  Work pants are mostly my maternity one's now, i can wear a pair or two of my regular one's but they're not as comfy.  Shirts...varies.  Things are getting short!  But the good news is my mom just gave me like 6 new maternity tops for my birthday!!!

Looking Forward To:   LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! Trav and I are headed up to Wichita after work tomorrow night, and will fly out early Friday morning.  We'll be in Vegas by 10am....Eeeek!! I'm still not sure of our full schedule...i know one night (either Friday or Saturday) we have tickets to the PBR Finals.  And the other night we have no plans (hoping the drug reps will take us to a fancy FREE dinner!).  Trav will have meetings Saturday and Sunday morning for like 3 hours, but that's it! The rest of the time we'll wander the strip, people watch, eat yummy food, drink non-boozy drinks, and maybe even gamble a little!!  Then we head home Monday...Boo. 

My little sister will be home for a couple of weeks starting next that's fun.  We like her.

And then of course, I'm very much looking forward to spending some quality time with the extended fam at the annual Doll Christmas Eve!!!!

And i'll leave you with a bad copy of a picture from the 3D scan....he's pretty cute :)


  1. Gggiiirrllll you need to gain some weight! We don't want that baby weighing 2 lbs! I can't believe you had never had an orange before! Their good but yeah, peeling them sucks! Have you guys decided on a name yet??

    1. I'm working on it!!! We're 85 percent decided on a name.... Connor. The other name we like is Declan. Both are very Irish :)