Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bumpdate: 27 weeks

How Far Along: 27 weeks and 3 days (12/6/2012)  Apparently I'm in the third trimester....i don't believe it, no way am I that far already....geesh.

Size of Baby M:  A rutabaga??? What the heck is a rutabaga???? I'm also willing to bet that Baby M is bigger then 2.5 pounds....

Weight: No gain, no loss..... Soooo we're still at a 9.3 gain total.

Exercise: 14 sessions (wed-wed) and 49 miles ran....this may have been a record week mileage wise!!  Felt great....well there was one run that my calves were being super annoying (sore from the charlie horses apparently!), but hopefully Santa brings me a "stick" to work out those babies!!

Symptoms:   Still having some BH.... last night was bad.  Almost got me worried....but once i laid down, chugged a bunch of water all was right in the world.  I've only had to take Tums once this week... so that's fun.

Cravings: Nothing new.  Well that's not true.  For the last two nights I've really wanted a cinnamon roll.  no clue where that one came from!!!

Sleep: Good!! Still only waking up once or twice to pee.

Stretch Marks: They've yet to make an appearance!!

Gender: Baby Boy!!!!

Maternity Attire:  I can still wear my jeans....and like 3 pairs of my work pants....but other then that I've been sporting some tights, and some sweet maternity pants from Gap!!  Shirts have been about half and half....everything is getting shorter and shorter!!!

Looking Forward To:   We have our 3d sono this weekend in Wichita...Can't wait to see the little guys face!!!!  I'm also looking forward to eating Orange Leaf at least three times while we're there....and we have a date tonight at PF Changs with the in-laws!!!  We'll probably try and get some Christmas shopping done as well....oh joy!  And next week we're off to Vegas baby!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to wish my dear friend Meghan a very very happy birthday today as well!!!! Love you girlie!!!

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  1. 49 miles is pretty intense. Stay smart and healthy.