Sunday, March 27, 2011

The road to the Chicago 1/2

Welp, week one is officially over.  I didn't die.  Which is a bonus :) 

Monday:  3 miles.  I was an over acheiver on Monday.  I ran 4.25 miles and then did the good ol elliptical for a while.

Tuesday:  4 miles.  So 4 miles i ran....and elliptical for 75 minutes.

Wednesday:  Crosstrain.  45 min. on elliptical and 20 min. weights.  Be afraid of my massive guns.  Oh i ran over lunch too (3.5miles) i guess i failed on only crosstraining.

Thursday:  3 miles.  Ummmm i had a chiropractor/acumpuncture appointment after work.  I had planned to go work out after that.  But he said to take it easy, and to go home and ice my pelvis.  Apparently mine was out of line.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Friday:  Crosstrain.  I ran the 3 i was supposed to run on Thursday, then ellipticaled for 35 minutes.

Saturday:  6 miles.  This one sucked.  Especially since it was raining and i had to run all 6 on the treadmill.  To pass the time i count songs.  I go thru 16 songs in one hour....and it takes me a little less than an hour to run 6.... LONGEST 16 songs EVER.  And of course elliptical...for an hour. (i was bored!! everyone was napping at home! Plus i am reading a good book!)

Sunday:  Rest.  And body weight in crap.... it's what i do.

So i was supposed to run a total of  16 miles this week....and i ran 20.75.  Better than being under!!!! Next weeks the 5k.  I'm super excited to see everyone!! Mel's coming....Can. Not. Freaking. Wait.

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