Monday, March 21, 2011

Run Run as fast as you can......

Welp...i suppose it's time to actually come up with a training plan.  Boo.

Here's what my schedule is looking like as far as time goes....

5k for Kenna....April 2nd.  Personally i feel like i got this....when i run, i try and always run at least 3 miles.  I know i won't die and/or look like a fool in front of the whole town of Bucklin America (ever been? it's ginormous!!)

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon/ Garden City 10k...May 1/April 30.  No I am not running both....there may be some circumstances that make one or the other a better option.  I really really want to run the Oklahoma City way in hell would i be ready for the full marathon, that's crazy talk.... heck i wouldn't even be ready for the half yet!! BUT you know what i would be ready for???? A RELAY!!!! They split the race up into 5 parts... 10k, 5k, 12k, 5k, 10k.  I would run one of the 10's probably.  I think it'd be super fun.  BUT...big BUT....i may need to stay here in town that weekend (I feel like EVERYTHING is happening on that same damn weekend, it's stupid!!).  I should know more in the next day or two if it's going down the 30th or not.... maybe someday i'll tell you the reason...maybe.

Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon Chicago....August 14th.  The MIL and myself will be heading out to the windy city (chicago has NOTHING on DC!) to run ourselves a little 1/2 marathon.  Scary

I realize that's three months inbetween the 10k and the 1/ i think i'll find me another race in there somewhere.  There's a few in Wichita i'm eyeballing. 

So i don't have a real plan.... but i'm going to attempt to make one up.  Cause i like plans....and i like to follow them to a T.  I get angry when plans are not followed to a T.....don't mess with my plans....seriously. 

ohhhhhh k moving on.  here's what i'm thinking for now till the 10k.  Someone tell me if this is stupid....or if i need to add things/take things out. (week 1 starts today...goes in order or day...duh)

Week 1:   3miles, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 3miles, Crosstrain, 6miles
Week 2:   3miles, 4.5 miles, Crosstrain, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 5k for Kenna
Week 3:   3miles, 5 miles, Crosstrain, 3 miles, Crosstrain, 6 miles
Week 4:   3miles, 5.5 miles, Crosstrain, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 7 miles
Week 5:   3miles, 6 miles, Crosstrain, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 8 miles
Week 6:   3miles, 3 miles, Crosstrain, 3 miles, Crosstrain, 10k in Garden, Oklahoma City
Not gonna lie, i'll probably still do the elliptical and what not on running days...i'm addicted :)  I think this plan is TOTALLY do able..... but we shall see.  I didn't start the week of very well....i slept thru my morning workout to the gym I go after work!!


  1. Let me know if you do a race in Wichita! I would so go.

  2. Sooooo there is this really COOL town called El Dorado that is having a SUPER fun race the beginning of June called "Storm the Dam" and I think you should come do it :) There is a 5k 10k and half u can sign up for. The kicker? It's a trail run, which can be a little tough, but is lots of fun! It's out at the lake and it's a blizz-ast! Go to facebook and search for "Storm The Dam" and you can get more info there. I think you should do it then head to Willies afterwards and celebrate:) I will for sure be doing the 5k, considering the 10k.