Monday, May 6, 2013

Declan - 2 months

I can't believe you're already 2 months....Slow down big guy, mom's not ready to send you off to college just yet :)  (PS:  you'll be going to K-State, in case you were wondering)

Weight:  10lbs 6.5oz.  ('re a wittle guy)
Height:  21 inches.  (apparently you were mis-measured at your 2 week appointment)

-  Still a good little eater...well for the most part.  Every now and then you get a little fussy while eating.  You pull away and cry, and then slam your face back down.  It's weird...and frustrating, but we manage!  I've heard it's somewhat common after kiddos start going to daycare and are getting a bottle.  I'd be frustrated too if I had to work harder for my food half the time! You're still eating every 3 hours during the day (4oz of breast milk in a bottle while with Gramme) and at night we just let you go until you wake yourself up.  Last night was awesome.  You went down at 10:15 and didn't get up until 6:15am (and technically i woke you up!!)  Good work big guy!

-You're quite the talker!!! You love to tell everyone and anyone stories and sometimes you get quite excited about's pretty adorable.

-Smiling's your favorite :)  If we get you going you'll just SMILE so big....Gramme and Poppa saw it the most at first, which made me a little sad....but we finally got you going good at home this past week!

-Still rolling from tummy to back.  It's probably happened ohhhh I'd say 5-6 times that's we've're so advanced and gifted...well at least I think so :)

-You LOVE, i mean LOVE to kick your legs.  You ran with me so much while I was pregnant I think you're itching to get out there and do it yourself!!! Either that or you'll be a swimmer....

-And because you love to kick your legs so much, you move...a lot.  Even while you're sleeping.  You start out swaddled up and in the middle...and end up sideways up against the wall.  I don't hear you moving in the middle of the night so who knows what you're doing!  Last night at Gramme and Poppa's you were napping in the pack n' play (in the middle)on your tummy and you pushed yourself in one swift kick up to the top, ramming your head into the mesh and scaring the crap out of yourself. Your dad laughed at you....I of course did not :)

-Clothing wise, you're still in between.  We've been trying to get you in more of the 0-3 stuff, but some of it just looks too big!!! You def. can't wear the 0-3 pants, they're ginormous.... but you're a short little guy so that's not surprising!

-Diapers;  We're still wearing a 1.  It's big, but we haven't had too many blowouts so we just keep trucking along with those.

-Still stuffy.  Dad asked Dr. Presley today when that would go away, and he said when you are 5.  GREAT!  It's common at your age I guess, so we just keep suctioning it out and doing what we can to make you not sound like a monster!

-Still having some fluid issues in your ears.  We go back to the specialist in a few weeks, so hopefully we'll have that all fixed up soon!

-You seem to be loving the triple D (what i like to call my mom's house; Debbie Doll Daycare).  And Gramme seems to be loving it as well!  She did complain that you sleep too much and are too start throwing a few fits, make her life a little miserable!

-Next weekend we'll have visitors.  You buddy (and fellow wolf pack member) Easton will be coming up with his Mommy and Auntie Mel!!!! I'm SOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOOO excited to get you two boys together!!! I see a great friendship with you two!  Plus i sorta like his mommy and Mel so I'm excited their coming too.  It'll be a nice little Saturday for sure.

-Your eyes are STILL blue.  They've actually gotten a little lighter.... so i hope (fingers crossed) this means they'll stay blue!! Everything I've read says 6 months... so we have 4 more months to see what their permanent color will be, but I'm really hoping they stay blue!  Your daddy has brown eyes, and I guess I just assumed you would blue would be a fun little surprise!

And some pics from the past month....

Seriously mom....

2 month photo shoot bloopers...i die at the face plant :)

Road trip to Garden wore little guy out! (Those eyelashes...seriously!)

They're going to poke me with WHAT????

Smiles for Gramme!

Matching shirts with daddy out at the Feed yard!

Going for a walk in your big boy stroller!! You loved not having to be in your car seat! Plus the sunglasses are just too funny.

Sleepy little guy...

Loving some bath time at Gramme's.....

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  1. Aunt Mel is more than a little excited herself!