Thursday, May 2, 2013


My oh so observant husband keeps pointing out that I need to blog.  I keep saying I will when D's 2 months old (Saturday) but doesn't seem to think that's good enough.... so here ya go RICHARD!

Things around the McGuire household lately......

- I went back to work.  The transition really wasn't too bad.  It helps that I get to see him every day at lunch...and if i REALLY need a fix my mom will send pictures/videos or heck she could even bring him by the office if i got that desperate!  He's in great hands....well except for the fact that i had to instruct my mother to wake him up to eat! She'd let the poor child go forever (like 4.5 hours!) without food, all because he just looked too cute sleeping!! Geesh....

His first day at Debbie Doll Daycare

- We made our first weekend trip.  We headed up to Wichita to see fam, and to meet our nephew Gage!! It was a nice little good to see everyone! I hate that we live so far away from Kyle, Bridget and Gage (ok, really just Bridget and Gage :) )!  I have such close relationships with all my cousins, and that's because we all lived in the same makes me sad that these boys are so stinking far apart.  I hope they can still form a close bond...or at least just like each other!

They were super stoked!

- We're slowly starting to get a schedule figured out.  I love schedule's...and lists.  But mostly schedules.... so not really having a set schedule was tough for me.  I'm not super happy with the schedule we're on now, but it'll work for the time being (mainly i would like for the kiddo to sleep through the night...and i'd love to be able to get to the gym in the morning again!)
Sleepy Boys

- I booked my flight to Chicago today.  I.AM.PUMPED!!! Bre, Sarah, Jess and I are all heading up to see Justing Timberlake and Jay-Z in July.  (Insert little girl like squealing!)  The concerts on a Monday night so we'll be up there from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday morning! It's going to be a blasty blast!!! Oh and the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon just so happens to be that Sunday (I ran it two years ago) and i'm patiently waiting for my sisters to agree to run it with me!!  It's such a fun race series and i just KNOW they'd love me forever for making them do it :)

- We have a pub crawl tomorrow.  It's for cancer, so it's ok... Right?  Dec's staying over night with my parents....his first over night with out us.  I'm sure he'll be fine, but i still worry... I mean have you met my parents? They're sort of hard of hearing (partially selective i'm sure).  Lucky for them, Dec has a set of lungs on him, so he'll let them know when he's up!  he'll be fine....just not sure about steve and deb!!  

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