Saturday, April 19, 2014

Declan - 12 Months

Yes, I'm writing this over a month late....Yes i'm a horrible mother :) We've been busy!! And warning…picture overload.

Weight: 26lbs (90%)
Height: 32in. (75%)
Head: 17in.

Welp.  It happened.  You turned a year old. It's absolutely amazing to me how fast time has gone. Absolutely amazing. 

Let's see... You're still wearing size 4 diapers.  You're still wearing 12 mo, 12-18mo, and some 18mo clothes.  And you're wearing size 5W shoes...yes wide.  You have chubby little feet!!

You obviously still love to eat!!  For breakfast you'll usually have some fruit/oatmeal and a yogurt.  Man you LOVE yourself some yogurt.  Lunch is usually some lunch meat and fruit, or we'll still give you the stage 3 baby foods with meat/veggies....whatever we can get you to eat!! You are usually pretty distracted at lunch (we all come home to Grandma's at lunch, so you just want to play!) you tend to snack a lot (you get this from me!) so you aren't always interested in lunch.  Your favorite snack are most definitely teddy grahams.  You also love any cereal...or puffs...or crackers....ok really anything.  You usually eat dinner once we get home and settled, around 5:30.  You only take bottles when your tired before your nap and before bed.

You're still taking two naps...well most days.  Normally you will go down around 10am for a couple of hours, and again around 2 (this one's usually shorter).  But i think we're getting close to cutting one of them out.  Scary.

You are still a great sleeper!!! You go down around 7:30pm every night and sleep all night until 7:15am.  I know i've said this many times, but THANK YOU!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

You got your first haircut this month!!!! (2/11/14)  Our wonderful cousin Kalli did it for you, and you actually behaved well!! We had to distract you with a toy, but you did good, and we got the job done!!! You looked soooo grown up after...i instantly regretted it!

We made a trip to Wichita to have your 1yr photo's you got to practice your cake eating skills a little early :)  Right after we finished those we jumped back in the car and headed up to KC for your cousin Gage's 1st birthday!!!  We don't get to see them near enough so we were glad to get to be there!! 

And finally....we got to celebrate YOUR big day!!! (We celebrated a few days early on March 1st) Your momma had been planning this for months!!! I was soooo excited with how everything had turned out.  It was adorable.  Only problem was the did NOT participate! There was a bad snow storm blowing through Kansas so several people weren't able to make it, but a lot of people that love you VERY much toughed it out and helped you celebrate turning 1!!

The day before your actual birthday we all (mom, dad, gramme, papa, grandma kim, grandpa gary) loaded up and headed to Denver for your actual big day.  Now i know it may seem a little mean making you go through 8 hours of surgery on your 1st birthday...but buddy, i'm pretty sure you'll thank me later!

I'll do a whole post just about your surgery.... but for now here are some pics from the rest of the month.

You, my son, are soooo strong.  You have been through so much in your first year of life... and I know it hasn't phased you at all.  You are going to do amazing things....We love you buddy.  To the moon and back.

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