Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Declan - 13 months

Weight: 27lbs
Height: 32in (i'm guessing)

Well not much has changed on the size front, so you're still wearing all the same clothes, shoes and diapers (well not the same one's, we don't reuse diaper!).  I feel like your stretching out a little...meaning getting taller and losing a little bit of that gut i love so much.  You're still a little chunker though...and i love it.

You're getting a lot better at eating finger foods.  You've always been good at eating finger food snacks...but you really prefer your meals to be on a spoon.  I think it's just because you like being pampered and having someone feed you...but i could be wrong :)
(This is a view of your scar, you can't even see it!!!)

Your schedule is still pretty much the same.  You've started skipping more afternoon naps, and pushing the morning one back a little.  Which would be fine if this didn't leave you a HOT MESS in the evenings.  I'd prefer it if you were well rested and happy after daycare...i only get a few hours with you after daycare before you go to bed, so let's stop wasting them on being grumpy, clingy and obnoxious mmmmk?

You are ALWAYS on the move.  You're trying to run, and it's not really working out in your favor for the most part.  Maybe you should just stick to speed walking for now. If we don't keep on eye on you, you're gone in a split second.  And it's usually to your room, where you can be found pulling all of your clothes off their hangers and then dragging them all over the house.  You may also be found in my bathroom.  Playing with the toilet scrubber (eww) or emptying the contents of my cabinet into the bathtub.  Goooood times.

Your "ears" were activated on 3/22/14.  It was easily one of the best days of our lives.  Even though you weren't able to hear a lot right off the bat (they turn them on very low to begin with and then over the course of a few months increase it so it doesn't freak you out) it was still SO AMAZING to see you react to sound.  Technology truly is amazing.  And we are soooooo very blessed to have a great time working with you.  I can't say enough good things about your audiologist, Jackie.  We just love her.

You had quite the crowd there that day.  Your aunt Sadie flew in from Chicago, both sets of your grandparents were there, and your Aunt Breezy and Uncle Ben were there too! I've said it many times before, but you are one LOVED little guy.

So now that you are actively hearing....the house is a whole LOT louder :)  You are constantly jabbering.  Constantly.  It's cute...most of the time!  You've rediscovered all of your toys that make noise (it was like they were brand new!) and you've also discovered that banging things together or against something makes noise...so that's fun! I honestly love it.  I'd take a loud noisy house over a quite one any day if it means your listening!

This month was a BIG month for you.....well for all of us!! You've exceeded all expectations and took everything thrown at you like a champ! (Duh, you're exceptional...and brilliant, and a GENIUS!)  We are SO very proud of you buddy.  You continue to amaze me...every. dang. day.  We love you buddy.  To the moon and back.

Annnnnd Boom, caught up :)

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