Monday, April 4, 2011

Misc. Monday

1.  It was a super successful weekend!! We ran our first race on Saturday and I'm happy to report that no one died!!!!  Some friends of mine actually put on the event to help race money for their little cousin that has cancer.  They started out hoping to raise ohhhh 5,000 or so.  THEY RAISED $22,000!!!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!  There were close to 300 people there....and the guy that won ran the thing in like 18 minutes.  He's crazy, it's obvious :) 
(I'm in the bright pink!!)

In true abby fashion, i forgot my camera so i have NO pictures from Saturday morning! So i stole this one from Pete's facebook.  I hope he doesn't care!   Anyways, the race went well.  I felt really good for the majority of it.  The last mile or so my ankle started to scream at me, but i pushed thru.....determined to finish!  Trav ran right with me the whole way....i picked it up the last mile (mainly because my ankle hurt and i needed to be done ASAP) and he wasnt to happy about it, but he kept up.  Then the last like 400 yrds he sprinted....Ugh.  So he beat me....he finished in 25:31 and I finished in 25:41.  I say it's because i was hurt....he says it's because he's better.  Whatev.

2.  Ankle = no good.  Saturday night it started to swell up like a was bad.  So sunday morning when i woke up and it was worse, and walking was NOT happening, my husband informed me that it was all my fault and i should not have ran....again, whatev.  He made me an ice bath....which HOLY COW those things SUCK!!!! I cried.  Like actually tears rolling down my face. 

3.  We are not gamblers.  Just to make sure though, trav mel and I headed to the casino saturday night.
We left a little poorer.....

4.  I am SO glad we're not renting EVER again.  We are having some major issues getting our deposit back from our last place in Denver.  I'm over it..... Stupid landlords and their stupid outdoor lights.

5.  This is the week!!!  I hope to GOD this is the week anyways.  (i'm talking baby stuff here).  If the increase in meds and acupuncture is going to work, making my hostile ovaries release hostages.....we'll know this week.  If not.  Someone feel free to punch my ovaries.  This is sort of our last ditch effort before going back to the specialist.  We have an appointment on the 2nd, but i REALLY don't want to have to go.  Fingers crossed.

6.  HOLY WIND BATMAN!!!  It's borderline crazy...... do they cancel work due to wind???
I will NOT be wearing skirts any time soon......

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  1. Whoever thought up ice baths is totally crazy. I'm sorry you are injured!!!