Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Road to Chicago....Week 2

Welp.  Week two was a bummer of a week.

Monday:  3 miles.  Ran the 3miles then jumped on the elliptical for 35 minutes.  Felt great grand wonderful.

Tuesday:  4.5 miles.  Noticed my ankle was feeling a little off....tight, sore....but nothing that didn't go away after a few minutes of running (BIG mistake on my part!).  So i ran 4.5 miles and jumped on the elliptical for 80.

Wed:  Crosstrain 75 min. elliptical in the morning, and ran 3 miles over lunch, walked 25 minutes.  Ankle still bothering me, but really only when i was walking.

Thursday:  4 miles.  I didn't look at my schedule before this one, and i for some reason thought it was 3.  So i ran 3.5 in the morning along with 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Then i realized that i was wrong so i went back after work and tried to run the 4....wasn't happening.  So elliptical for 40.  Ankle hurting more and more.....but i'm retarded and KEPT trying.  As soon as i was done i got off the treadmill and called my chiropractor to see if i could get in....something was NOT right.

Friday:  CrosstrainNothing Nada.  I went to see my chiropractor at 745.  He said it was inflamed tendons.  Common in new runners....or dumb new runners like me.  He adjusted my ankle and sent me on my way to therapy.  I asked him about the race saturday and he said if i felt up to it to go ahead.....since i'm sure he knew i'd do it anyways.  So i iced like it was my job all day....sucked down 600mg of IBP as often as i could, and stayed off of it.

Sat:  RACE DAY 3.2 miles in 25:41 minutes!  Foot felt better....ohhhhhhhh praise the lord!! ..... for about a mile.  After that....not so good.  It was bareable till the last 1/2 mile, but at that point i was NOT going to quit.  So i finished strong and immedietly sent the hubby off for ice. 

That evening it started to bother me a lot more....started to swell up.  When i got up sunday i could barely walk on it.  Doc on monday said it's just really inflamed.....DUH.  So i'm staying off of it.  And I'm going INSANE!!! It's only been two days....but i have to work out....i have to do something.  So tonight i think i'll go lift....do some core work....ride a bicycle with one leg :) 

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