Monday, April 11, 2011

Road to Chicago...Week 3....Sort of....not really.

Still injured.  Still not happy about it.  Still not listening when i'm told to lay off the working out :)

Monday:  3 miles.  Nothing.  Nada.  Not happy about it.

Tuesday:  5 miles.  Welp we all know that didn't happen.  I rode the bike for 30 and tried the elliptical for 20. 

Wednesday:  Cross.  OHHHH i can do something that was on my schedule!  20 Elliptical.  35 bike.  I think i shall stick with mostly the bike for a while..... little achey on the elliptical.

Thursday:  3 miles.  I would give my left ankle to be able to run three miles this week :(   Instead I rode the bike for 60 butt numbing minutes.

Friday:  Cross.  My butt was still numb from thursday so i figured what they heck!!! Bike for 60.  I lifted...arms, as well.

Saturday:  6 Miles.  Um.  No.  I am not sure i would have been able to do it even with my good ankles.  Silly beer....makes me sleepy :)

Sunday:  OFF.  Made up for being lazy Saturday and rode the bike for 35 minutes....then did some abs.

So I obviously didn't make my miles this week.  I'm not sure i will be able to for another couple of weeks.  Which really really sucks....but i'll make do i suppose. 

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