Monday, February 21, 2011

Children of the Corn People...or as I call them...the CCP.

My first day of work was last Monday.  I came into it having NO clue what to expect.  Pretty much all I knew was it was an HR Assistant job in Montezuma for a small family owned company.  And to be completely honest that's still about all I know!! My boss had to leave on short notice last week so I was sort of in limbo the end of the week.  I'm hoping this week will be better and i'll have a little more direction.  My only complaint so far is the drive.  Montezuma is about 33.5 miles from my parents.... and i'm literally driving on a lonely 2 lane highway surrounded by fields.  So that's a lot of miles on the ol car....and my car doesn't exactly do well on gas either.  Last week I averaged 18 miles per gallon.  No good at all. (the bonus is i'm reimbursed for my milage, but still....18??? Yuck!).  So anywho.... being that far from DC i obviously can't go home, or join travis at Kate's for lunch.  So i pack my lunch...which is nothing new.  I used to pack my lunch and eat it after I got back from the our big ol kitchen at ADMHN.  Um....Montezuma has no 24 hour fitness....Montezuma has one gas station, a drug store, and a cafe.  And trust me I stick out like a sore thumb if I venture into town for lunch.  Everyone looks identical in that place.  Like creepy identical.  I think i'll just take my lunch and eat it some where where no one can give me the evil eye.... like my car.  I've been going on run/walks over lunch for about 45 minutes then eating real quick in my car or inside if no one is here.  But this week the weather isn't as nice....i have no clue what i'll do.  Nap maybe? Or maybe just take a 15 minute break to eat and work the rest...adding the unused 45 minutes up for an early Friday??? (I'm too scared to ask this yet....give me time!)  I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before i have a routine....i just don't like the limbo part!

As far as trav....i think i should make him to a post himself to tell you about his new gig.  All i know, is that boy sure does smell when he gets home!!

This weekend we enjoyed the whole house to ourselves! My parents were up in Lawrence starting Saturday and won't be back till tomorrow (KU games!).  We didn't really do a whole lot of anything.  Drank a little too much wine Friday at Jessi's...Watched KState football Saturday then went on a bike ride looking at houses....fell asleep on the couch watching NCIS at 11, and slept in till 12 yesterday! It was amazing!  We eventually got up and around...went to the gym, FINALLY got trav's hair cut, looked at pickups.....and made lasagna.  A pretty uneventful but successfull weekend!!!  Nothing big planned for this week...just work.  Maybe start some negotiations on a house....maybe, we'll see.  I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Next time you are drinking too much wine at Jess's you guys need to Skype me! I'm so jealous of cousin fun time!