Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby M; 14 weeks

Ok.  So I need a better title.  Something fun, something different.  Any ideas??? Mel I know you got something up your sleeve....get on it.  K? Ok.  Moving forward.....

How far along:  14 weeks (on 9/3/2012)

Size of baby:  Medium Sized Nectarine (YUM!)Baby's Length: 3.42 in. Baby's Weight: 1.52 oz.

Weight Gain:  Ugh.  This has been the hardest part for me.  But i suppose it's gonna happen!  I'm up 3.5 pounds.

Exercise: Still able to keep up with my daily workouts!  I've noticed when i run it's getting a little awkward down heavy, make sense?  They make a belly band deal that runners use, so i may have to look into that as i get bigger.  I actually did Yoga for the first time in a LONG time this past week.  I'm officially UN-flexible.

Symptoms:  Lately, there really haven't been any! (besides that awesome belly i'm rockin)  The tiredness has dwindled, the nausea has gone.  My boobs decided to join in on the fun lately though.  HELLO big girls....whoa.  I wasn't sure what was going to happen with them since they were um...enhanced :)  But no worries, they've jumped on the let's get large bandwagon.  I went and got properly fitted last weekend at VS, and i laughed at the lady when she told me what size. 

Cravings:  I can't honestly say i've had many of these so far.  Things will sound good...but nothing that i have to have like NOW.  Fruit's been a big hit...i could eat the shit out of some grapes.  And peaches...oh man i love me some peaches.  The only other thing that i NEEDED one day...was movie popcorn.  I blame the fact that i was at the mall, and that's all i could smell.  But i refuse to just go get popcorn without going to a movie, so i'm patiently waiting for someone to take me :)  I have a free large popcorn certificate, so i'd be a cheap date!

Hurl-Factor: Lucky for me, i haven't hurled yet. Hurray.  I've got close...but no calling of the dino's.  The other night at Aggie Station (have you been there? it's nice. go.) Shannon was pouring a red bull and vodka.  I almost lost my So Long right then and there.  Red Bull is no bueno.  Shit stinks.  Bleh.  Other then that, nothings bothered me.

Sleep:  Oh man i love sleep.  And i haven't really had a hard time getting it...except for getting up once or twice to pee, but that's probably my fault for guzzling water all night.  Trav surprised me with a Boppy...

It's awesome.  You should get one, even if you're not knocked up.  Although it is rather large, and awkward, it is super duper comfy!

Gender:  I change my mind weekly on this.  But i think i'm pretty convinced it's a boy.  We know a guy, that has a sonogram machine (for his business, not just for fun...that'd be weird) and he was kind enough to give us a peek at the little turd last week. We couldn't really get a clear shot of the goods...and it probably would have been too early to tell (both male and females have a "nub" at that point in pregnancy, you can tell which it is by the angle of it.  now you know)  But we'll go back to see him next week.  and then on the 26th we have our sono at the doctor to find out for reals. Like i said.  it's totally a boy.

Movement:  Well on the sono last week, the little guy was a moving and a shaking.  Actually, he appeared to be kicking the shit out of me (we'll have a talk about this when he's here).  But still can't feel anything!  Soon...real soon.

Maternity Attire:  Nothing yet.  My clothes all still fit.  Belly is noticeable, so shirts are getting a wee bit snug in that area.  Pants are all fine for the most part.  Some of my work pants are getting uncomfortable because they sit higher.  I think i'll just invest in some tights/leggings and sweaters for the winter, that way i can wear them post baby. 

Looking Forward To:  Well this week i'm looking forward to heading back to ol Manhappiness for the KSU vs. Miami game.  Other then that, i'm just counting down the days till the 26th!! Momma needs to start shopping :)

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  1. Look at that cute little belly! Body pillow, ah-mazing! That is so awesome that you know someone with a sonogram machine! I am going to guess boy too. And the boobs getting bigger? Mine are flipping HUGE! That was 1 of the first things to grow on me and I don't think they have stopped growing! Kind of nice, kind of like woah, enough is enough girls.