Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bumpdate: 15 weeks

Only 24 weeks and 5 days to go!  (aka...FOREVER!)

**This was taken after lunch.  See i told you it's way bigger after i eat!**
How Far Along:  15 weeks and 1 day (9/12/2012)

Size of Baby M:  Large Navel Orange (about 4 inches!)
Weight:  -1.  So a total of 2.5-3 pounds.  I'm gonna go ahead and guess this is because I've had a rather stellar few days in the "bathroom" department!

Exercise:  Well, this past week has been a bit hectic.  Between traveling, appointments, and obligations I missed a couple of workouts... but still managed 8 sweat sessions!  Still pretty good!  Running felt better this week.  I think i did a couple of 4 miles runs, and one 6 mile.  Other then that, it's the trusty ol elliptical!  Oh and i did legs like last Thursday...i was SORE till ohhh Monday.  Whoa.  Must work on that.

Symptoms:  Bloating.  Lots and lots of bloating.  Saturday on the way home from Manhattan, i thought i was going to die.  I couldn't bend over to get my was bad.  Probably all that stellar eating i did...and the fact that my bowels were on strike for a few days.  (sorry, probably too much TMI, but it's the damn truth!)  That finally went away Monday....thank god.  i imagine my level of uncomfortableness to be exactly what I'll feel like in about 4 months.  I very much look forward to that. 

Cravings:  I still REALLY want movie popcorn.  Will someone PLEASE take me to the movie already!!!!! Other then that, still fruit.  Lots and lots of fruit.  I'm trying to not buy grapes.  Mainly because i eat the whole bag in one day and that can't be good.  Peaches are pretty tasty right now... and apples.  And cold banana's.  Mmmmm, i shouldn't write this right before lunch.  Oh and my mom made this amazing cheesy mushroom pull-bread the other day....i dreamt about it two nights in a row after that.  I'm totally making it tonight for a get together with friends....YUM.

Hurl-Factor:  still nothing really.  i sometimes wish candy was on this list....

Sleep:  Still good.  I've learned to not drink much after 8, or else I'll be up a couple of times.  So that helps.  I very much look forward to the cool weather and opening the windows....i always sleep like a baby with the windows open!!

Gender:  Still really feeling boy.  We went and did another ultrasound at our friends last night, and the little turn literally had his legs crossed the whole time.  jerk. Two weeks ago when we went, our friend said he was 70% sure it was a boy.  This week, he said he was 65% sure it was a girl.  I think he's about 100% unsure :)  But the two-week countdown is on!!!! Eeeek.  Travis better hide my credit cards...oh lordy help us.

Movement:  Nothing yet...that i know of.  As I've mentioned before I'm having quite the battle royal with my what was the baby kicking or "fluttering" I'm sure I'd have passed off as gas.  Who knows.  The turd seems to have moved a little further down, so the heartbeat has been trickier to find with our Doppler (PS, these are AWESOME!), so i wonder if he's now covered up with more blubber...which would make it harder for me to feel?  i have no idea.

Maternity Attire:  I ordered a few shirts from Zulily...just cause they were cute and on super sale.  I was thinking they'd be great for when it gets colder...but I'm not sure they'll fit then.  I made the mistake of ordering smalls.  I usually wear mediums, but for some reason thought maternity clothes would run big.  Dumb.  Oh well.  I can wear them's cold in my office anyways!  I also ordered some new jeans, but they're not maternity, just a size bigger.  Mine still fit, but again, they were on sale...and I'm a sucker for a deal.

Looking Forward To:  Well i was super looking forward to last night...the ultrasound :)  It's amazing how much has changed in the two weeks since we went last time.  Little turd has grown SO much.  I'm actually a bit concerned with that...I'm thinking we have a large baby on our hands.  And i also worry about how squashed the little turd can i make my uterus grow?!?! (totally kidding, i know they're going to be squashed, but man it looks uncomfortable!)  My parents got to tag along, so that was fun.  But this week i'm looking forward to heading back up to Manhattan for yet another KSU football game!! I just can't get enough of that place!!! and then of course....2 weeks from today we find out if it's bows and tutu's or tonka trucks and dirt!!


  1. Maybe eating an entire bag of grapes and peaches is contributing to your bathroom time! LOL! Can't wait to see you.

  2. I totally bought a maternity shirt that was too small too! That's so crazy that your friend has an ultrasound machine. I can't believe you find out in two weeks!