Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bumpdate: 17 weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks and 3 days (9/27/2012)

Sorry.  You get a crappy work bathroom pic for the time being because i forgot to do it this morning.

Size of Baby M: Onion! (Note: says average size is 5.9oz, baby M is currently a little over 7, oh joy!)
Weight: Alright.  Let's talk about this.  I weigh myself a couple times a week, on the same scale, at the same time, naked.  Consistancy.  It's important :)  Anyways.  According to my scale (which i make sure is accurate by weighing a weight.  again, i'm all about the consistancy) I had gained 1 pound since last week.  Putting me at the grand total of 5.3 pounds (yes, i count ounces!)  Which would mean i gained around 3.5 pounds since my last appointment.  So imagine my surprise when the doctors scale said i had gained 10 pounds....TEN!!!! In 4 weeks. Holy moly.  How in the world can their scale say i gained over 6 pounds more then mine did.  Here's my guess.  I was dressed. And i had chugged about 4 glasses of water prior.  Next time i go to the doctor, i'm getting naked, right there in the main hallway. And i won't drink a damn thing prior.  Damn them and their mean scale.  Hell i may even bring my weight to make sure the scale is right.
**Sidenote:  I promise i am ok with gaining weight, i know it's necessary for Baby a chubby baby is a cute baby :)  I am just trying to keep it in check, because i know it'll pack on at the end and i'd prefer to not have to apply for the biggest loser after the turd gets here.  End sidenote! **

Exercise: Well this has been craptastic this past week.  Since we last spoke i had to travel to Boulder for my BEAUTIFUL sisters wedding, so that put a damper in the gym time.  And then it happened....i got sick.  Real sick.  Like i asked travis to cut my throat off and sew my head back on sick.  It was bad people.  It started in Boulder, and by Monday I wanted to die.  I actually went to the doctor, which i hate to do.  Turns out i have a severe cold and allergies....great.  They offered antibiotics, i declined.  Hate taking meds unless i have to.  Well come Wednesday, i had to.  It was worse.  So now i'm on meds, and i can happily say i feel a wee bit better today!! ....Meh, ok back to the topic at hand. Gym time.  Since last Thursday i have managed a whopping 6 workouts.  That's how you know i'm not lying...i have to be real sick to skip the gym. 

Symptoms: oh hey there blue veiny ginormous fun bags. make them stop, serioulsy.  it's out of control.  Other then that, not much in the symptoms department!

Cravings: Nothing really stands out.  Still love fruit.  Still love candy.  But that was true pre-baby.

Sleep: Bad.  Since i've been sick, i've had to wake up about 3-4 times a night to go the bathroom. I constantly have to be drinking water to keep my throat from being on that's a bad combo. 

Stretch Marks: No new ones.
Gender: Well we know!!! We've informed the parentals, and a few select family members.  I'm waiting for my sisters to get here tomorrow to give them cream filled cupcakes....and then i'll let the cat out of the bag publicly.  I enjoy announcing things in a fun way, none of this boring oh hey we're having a _____.  We sent cupcakes to trav's parents and then skyped with we could see their reaction, that was a good time.
and we made my parents a cake (the didn't want to have to wait till the cupcakes were done on friday, they're just about as patient as me!)

Movement: Tuesday, 9/25 it happened! Laying in bed relaxing, i could feel was surreal!!! I can't wait to feel big movements! (i'll regret saying that i'm sure!)

Maternity Attire: Still haven't worn any of my new stuff, but it's the closet..waiting!!!!  Pants still fit so that's a bonus (no way would they fit if i've gained as much as the evil dr. scale said!), shirts are getting a little snug, but it's workable for now!

Looking Forward To: My sister and her new husband, Ben are having a reception here in Dodge this weekend.  So all the family will be here.  If you know my know we're a good time :) I'm also looking forward to feeling better.  That'll be nice :)

(me and my beautiful sisters before the wedding last weekend! Can't wait for them to be here!!)

Oh and we made our very first big Baby M purchase this morning!!!! Thanks to the amazing Granny K, our Potterybarn crib shall be here in a few weeks!!! So we're looking forward to that as well!!

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