Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks and 3 days! (11/8/2012)
Don't mind the lumpy-ness....yuck.

Size of Baby M: Baby M is the size of a grapefruit! 
I can tell he's getting longer....i will feel kicks on one side of my belly and then a punch on the other, it's totally bizarre...but awesome at the same time!! I LOVE when he moves around....well for the most part.  I can also tell when he's shifting positions, Holy tight belly!!!  Trav loves to feel him at night....and i get freaked out watching my belly dance on it's own.  So weird.  This past weekend Aunt Jenna got to feel him dancing well as Grandma Kim!! It's fun to share :)

Weight: -1 pound.  Well actually it was -1.4 but I'm we'll go with just 1 since i was thirsty :)  Puts us at a gain of 7.5 for this week.  No complaining here!

Exercise: Wed. to Wed. I got in 13 separate work outs.  Good week....  Insoles came this past Tuesday, and so far i think i like them.  I don't think they're going to make running AMAZING, but they'll make it less hurtful on the ol joints!!

Symptoms:  Oh hey there heartburn, where'd you come from!!!! I've never really had heartburn before, but I'm assuming that's what all this is.  It's been almost daily this whole week....not horrible, but just annoying.  I will leave out the other fun symptom i discovered this's a bit TMI (yes even for me).

Cravings:  Hmmm, nothing comes to mind.  I still love candy.  I will always love candy, so that probably doesn't count.  Oh wait, I've been LOVING some pickles lately.  Bread and Butter one's are my fave.  I put them in my salad everyday at lunch,'s YUM!
Sleep:   Not bad.  Usually get up once to pee...and maybe have a snack.  Don't judge.  Although it's been so cold in the house at night lately i've considered getting a bed pan :)  i kid.

Stretch Marks:  Nothing new....that i've noticed.  I have a feeling i'll get them on my that's something to look forward to i suppose.

Gender:   Still a little guy :)

Maternity Attire:  Shirts are getting i find myself wearing more of my new maternity shirts.  Still ok with pants...except a few work pants, but i'll survive for a while longer. 

Looking Forward To:  This is totally happening.....

A drug company sends the feedyard there every December for "meetings"....and Trav and I get to go!!!! We're totally using this as a Babymoon!! Trav will have a few meetings, and obligatory dinners (they're fancy and free so why not!!), oh and we'll also get to go the PBR National Finals!!! Other then that, i plan on relaxing, people watching, shopping, and spending some time and money in the Palazzo/Ventitien spa!!!  Oh it's going to be glorious!!!!

But first....(in 14 days!!) we head here.....
The fam's headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving!! Trav's never been so I'm excited to show him around and feed him AMAZING pizza :)

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  1. Your trips sound like so much fun! Those will be such fun memories to have before baby McGuire arrives.