Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bumpdate: 24 weeks

How Far Along:  24 weeks and 3 days (11/15/2012)
I like to say 6 months...but if you take into consideration there aren't always just 4 weeks in a month, I'm not quite there yet.  But close!!!

Size of Baby M:  I've seen two different foods for this week.....

They say he's gained a whole 4 oz since last week...I'll keep that in mind as i weigh myself :)
Oh and wanna know how big my uterus is now???

That's not weird or anything.

Weight:  +0.8.  So total gain so far is 8.3 pounds.

Exercise:  13 sessions...Boom!!!! 41 miles ran!! I also managed to add in weights 5 times .... with the rest of my cardio on the elliptical.  I'd say it was a pretty productive week on the exercise front!!!

Symptoms:   Still having a little heartburn, but not at night like before.  It just sort of comes out of no where, and i haven't noticed an association with any foods.  So who knows.  Let's see....can I say pregnancy brain? Cause that's for sure happening.  I just tried to spit out the same sentence to my cousin for like 5 minutes and could not figure out my words....i blame that.  I also put the pepper in the microwave again, that is NOT where it goes i promise.  Baby boy is moving around like crazy....more big movements rather than kicks lately.  My belly gets soooo tight when he does it.  I need more room in there for the little guy!!!

Cravings:  Pickles are still my fave.  I also enjoy ice cream now that it's cold out (I'm weird like that).

Sleep:  I've been sort of sick this week.  Stuffy.  So i have to sleep at an angle...which is not comfortable, so I'm up a lot...blowing my nose.  And since my nose is stuffy i have to breathe through my mouth, which makes my throat dry, which makes me drink a lot....which makes me have to pee a lot.  So in short.  This weeks sleep has not been stellar!  Plus Travis has taken a liking to stealing the Bobby when i get up, so i spend about 3 minutes trying to get that back when i crawl back in bed....

Stretch Marks:  None that I've noticed.....

Gender:  Baby Boy!!!! We went to our friends for another ultrasound last night (with my parents in tow!) and the first view we got was of Baby boy's goods....spread eagle, right there...he's not shy.   In fact we really only got to see his hiney, legs and torso...his head is apparently down, and back (towards my spine)....we couldn't get a view :(  I really really wanted to see a profile.  Guess we'll have to wait till next time!

Maternity Attire:   I've worn several of my tops this past week.... just less tugging when i do that.  I haven't busted out the leggings....maybe this weekend.  The shirt i have on in the pic is actually not a maternity shirt....just fits like one...score!

Looking Forward To:
Well I suppose i can let you in on the secret....I got a new job!!!!! I'm still with the Casino....just moving to a new department!! As of Monday I will be a Training Specialist with the HR department!!!! I'm soooo excited for this move! I love all the ladies in the department, and there's endless opportunities there for growth!!  I'm sad to leave the Casino building (HR is housed in a different building)...and all the crazies I work with daily there....but i can still come over anytime and harass them!! 

Annnnnd we have our doctors appointment next week....that month flew by!! I'm sure this will be uneventful, as there are no sonograms, or tests....or anything besides the scale and hearing the heartbeat (which i can do at home!)

Annnnnd we leave Thursday for Chicago!!!!!!!! Eeeeek!

Oh and shower's have started being planned....i like parties :)

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  1. Ah I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks! You're bumpity bump is so cute!