Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bumpdate: 25 weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks and 2 days (11/21/2012)

1. Sorry for the bathroom pic, i forgot to do this at lunch and if i didn't do it now, you'd have to wait till after the weekend.
2. I have a sweater on, i just took it off for the pic....mmmmk?

Size of Baby M:  again... two different foods going on this month...

Weight: +0.8 again.  Grand total is now 9.1 pounds.  I may or may not have gotten a talking to about this today at my appointment.  I was told to eat three Thanksgiving don't have to tell me twice! I go back in 3 weeks and she wants to see 2 pounds....ugh ok.

Exercise: 12 sessions.  I won't get my evening session in tonight, being that we're hitting the road.  And i'm assuming i won't get both sessions in every day we're gone (may be tricky to even get one some days!) next weeks total shall suck.  Oh well.  That will help with the two pound weight gain fo sho. 

Symptoms: I think the heartburn is here to stay.  JOY!  Still can't seem to find anything specific that triggers it....just happens once in the morning and usually once at night.  Good thing i like the taste of Tums.  Baby boy is sitting LOW!  It's uncomfortable.  I was squating down the other day looking for something, and I may or may not have peed a little.  It's not funny.  Stop laughing at me. He's just chilling on my blatter and when i put pressure (aka, bend over) on him it just forces a wee bit of wee out.  Not my fault.  But from now on I will avoid squating down, so don't ask me to pick shit up, i won't do it.  But in case you didn't know, all the cool kids do it.

Cravings:  Nothing in particular.  I still like pickles, candy, and ice cream though :)

Sleep:  I am afriad the insomnia has started.  I just hope it doesn't stick around.  I have a lot going up upstairs these days so that may play a part.... the new job, daycare, pediatricians, Chicago, packing, Christmas shopping, baby showers, baby registry....etc.  

Stretch Marks: I've become really paranoid about this lately.  My veins in my stomach are becoming darker, so at a quick glance, i think they're stretch marks....they in fact, are not. 

Gender: Baby Boy!!!!

Maternity Attire: Sporting my first pair of work maternity pants today!!! They're from Old Navy...skinny dress pants, LOVE them.  I also got another pair when i ordered these from the Gap and they're gonna be awesome as well.  But i can still wear my usualy shirts and most of my other pants, so that's a bonus.

Looking Forward To:   Seeing the fam in Chicago tomorrow!!! And finishing my registry.... and buying my jogging stroller (in Chicago).... and ordering my glider.  Annnnnnnd KState football next weekend....where i'll be seeing all my besties :)

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  1. Aaaand now I'm totally going to do everything in my power to make you piss yourself next weekend!